The house finally went up for sale on Friday evening. It seems like we have been waiting for this forever, but really it’s only been less than 3 months since we decided to sell.

We already had one showing yesterday and this morning, and in 20 minutes we have to go out again because there are two more showings booked. (Unlike in the UK, there are no unaccompanied visits and the home owners don’t stay home to show people round). It’s exciting to get such a good response right away, because it means there are buyers out there, but we’re going to run out of things to do soon!

The poor cats are traumatized. Theo is hiding behind the sofa, underneath the slipcover. Bean is under the bed and won’t come out even for food. Poor little mites – they used to have these peaceful predictable lives where they could lie in the exact same spot at various times of the day, but for the last three months there have been people tramping in and out of the house and they hate it. Vincent would have loved it – he spent the whole bathroom renovation sitting and watching the builders – but Bean and Theo are much too timid for all this excitement.

Please someone buy our house soon so that our cats can relax. Well, apart from that whole international flight thing ….

Here are some of the agent’s pictures of the house. I think they came out really well. (See if you can spot our neighbor’s cat looking in through the window on one of them).

2 thoughts on “Listed!

  1. Kitty peeking in the dining room window makes it look like more like a hanging photo than a window! Your house is absolutely beautiful, Louise…so bright, cheery and sunny.

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