Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring!

Yesterday we signed the contract with the real estate agent to put the house on the market. Today we will set the price and a photographer is coming round to take the pictures for the listing.

It’s hard to know what to expect when the ads go up. The agent claims ours will be the best house in the area within its price range and seems quite optimistic that we won’t have to wait months for an offer. But on the other hand, you see houses sit on the market forever without a buyer and we have to be prepared for that possibility.

But, it’s also possible that we will get a buyer fairly soon, and if that happens, it’s all systems go. At the moment, I feel a little bit like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off – getting the house ready has been a lot of work and disruption during a time when the business is as busy as ever. And once we sell it, we will have the added stress of trying to find somewhere to live in England, so that we don’t arrive back homeless. Plus we’re also trying to sort out bank accounts and business registrations in the UK. Not to mention the move and the house clearing and arrangements for the cats.

I really do feel like Lance-Corporal Jones in this clip from “Dad’s Army” – running back and forth shouting “don’t panic!”


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