Getting There

So the two unused rooms are now completely done. The guys did a fantastic job patching up old plaster and woodwork, sanding and then refinishing the hardwood floors, and fixing broken bits and pieces. Here is one room as it started, and how it looks today.


And here is how the same corner looks now …

Although the new rooms looks fabulous, I think my favorite part of the makeover is the 3rd floor landing. We know from the plans that most of that floor was just attic space when the house was built. There was one bedroom and a bathroom, but the second bedroom was carved out of the attic space some time later. As a result, the floorboards on the landing up there are different from the rest of the house – and were in worse shape. I was a little worried about how they would turn out, but they are so beautiful that I keep going up just to have a look at them. This photo doesn’t do justice to just how rich and characterful they really are, but it’s the best I could get …

I have to think all this will pay off in a quick sale. Or rather I have to hope that. Even though we’re not doing the actual decorating, we have worked non-stop for the last few weeks. We spent this weekend clearing and organizing our closets, which involved more trips to dump rubbish and donate clothes, and preparing the rooms that will be decorated this week (my office and the master bedroom). It’s 5.30pm on Sunday evening now and I can hear Phil snoring because he finally lay down and couldn’t stay awake. I dare not sit down because if I do, I’ll do the same.

We hear tell of something called “Christmas” but whatever it is, we seem to be missing it.


6 thoughts on “Getting There

    • What surprised me is how cheap it was. The floors in each room cost $750, which obviously isn’t nothing, but for all the work they did and for the result, it’s so worth it. If we ever have another house with hardwood floors, I’m definitely having them all refinished before we move in. So worth it!

      Oh and it didn’t take long. They sanded two rooms and the landing in one afternoon. Then the stain and varnish was done over the next two days.

    • Jeanie, the realtor told us to leave the rooms empty, but I’m going to ask her again. She felt it wasn’t worth spending the money on stuff for them, but I was wondering if it would help for people to be able to see the room being used.

  1. Nice work! Can’t wait to see everything finished. I think I’ve heard both sides of the argument from realtors; some say leave the rooms empty because it shows how big and clean everything is and some say furnish the rooms so that people can get a sense of how to use the room. Me; I would think at least a few pieces in the room would be best. Say at least a bed and a night table.

    • Thanks Marianne – we’ll see what she says when she comes back. I think the first time I asked her, she just didn’t want us to spend money unnecessarily, but I figure we could dress up a fold-out bed as if it was an actual bed (a bedskirt would hide the reality) and we have a spare bedside table and lamp. Then we’d just need a rug.

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