Why Wasn’t It Always This Way?

Work begins on the house this week to get it ready for sale and I started with my office. Because this is really a bedroom, the real estate agent suggested we rearrange things to show how spacious it is.

My desk is a hulking great thing and it was underneath the window as you walk in to the room. This didn’t leave much floor space as I also have shelves against the back wall. Here’s how it looked:

The agent suggested moving the desk into an alcove to free up floor space and then buying a nice chair to put in the other corner. We found a bargain chair on Overstock.com, somehow managed to put it together (yikes!self-assembly!) and here’s how the room looks now:

The chair has been duly christened:

And again:

So all is well. The decorating started yesterday so we’re in a state of upheaval throughout the house, and trying to work with loud salsa music playing on the radio and dust everywhere. I’m telling you, this house is going to look the best it’s ever looked right as we move out.


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