The Echo of Empty Rooms

Over Thanksgiving, we said goodbye to pretty much every piece of remaining junk in the house, most of our extraneous furniture, and all our 6,000+ CDs along with hundreds of vinyl LPs and singles. We now have two completely empty rooms waiting to be decorated, and all the other rooms are decluttered.

It was a very weird feeling to watch the stuff leave the house – particularly the CDs. Even though we haven’t touched them for years, even though they were just gathering dust, and even though they were filling up a perfectly good bedroom, it still felt like a loss of sorts. It’s an odd feeling to have your home dismantled while you’re still living in it and it gave us a foretaste of the upheaval to come and how hard it will be to move out of this house.

Who’s idea was this anyway?

Some of the CDs boxed up and ready to go

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