I like it, even though we do it wrong

Thanksgiving, that is.

I love the idea of the holiday but it always falls a bit flat for us because the entire point is to get together with family and none of our family is here. But we do our best. We make (and eat) huge quantities of food and we reflect on the things we’re grateful for. Of course, we get the food bit wrong really. We don’t eat meat so turkey is out, and we don’t really like many of the other dishes traditionally eaten at Thanksgiving – I mean mashed potato is alright, but it doesn’t seem like a very celebratory food. Not when you ate it for 50% of your meals growing up. Green bean casserole sounds alright until you realize it’s usually made with stuff out of tins. And putting marshmallows into sweet potato is just a sin as far as I’m concerned. We do like stuffing though and pumpkin pie, so we build around that.

We have a lot to be thankful for in the last few years – not least of which is finding Matthew Smith and his Squared Eye team to help us redesign our business website. Not only did their work turn around our business, but it kind of turned around our lives too. For a few years prior to meeting them, we had been drifting along, knowing we needed to do something for our business, but not quite sure what. Finally we decided on a website redesign and luckily we caught Matthew during the short period of time that he was running his own business (he now works for someone else). The results of his work were amazing. Everything changed. And the process was galvanizing too. Instead of feeling helpless in the face of the recession, we were taking charge and doing something to help ourselves.

That got us thinking about other ways in which our lives had been drifting. We started to give serious thought to why we were living where we were and where we wanted to be in the future. We started thinking in terms of redesigning a life in the same way we had redesigned a business. And all that got us to where we are now – looking forward to a new adventure and a new life closer to our families and our friends and within easy reach of scenery like this.

Photo courtesy of Tony Richards at Lakelandcam

Of course, as John Lennon once prophetically sang “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” But for now, at least we have a plan. So thank you Matthew, Emily, Sean and Greg. Thank you very much.


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