Who You Gonna Call? Junk Luggers!

With only 8 or 9 weeks to go before the house goes on the market, we’re getting everything sorted.

First job before the decorators and handymen arrive, is to clear out all the junk we don’t need or don’t want to ship back with us. Now we’ve been at this for months already, so you would think there wouldn’t be much left. But you would be wrong. Because you see, junk breeds. It makes little junk babies when you’re not looking. So no matter how many trips you make to the tip, you always come back to a house that looks just as full as it did before.

With Phil’s dodgy back, I was the one doing a lot of the carrying. But in recent months I’ve developed chronic – and as yet undiagnosed – pain in both shoulders. As a result, the entire clean-up effort stalled in its tracks and we decided that drastic action was called for.

Enter Junk Luggers!

Two strapping and cheery young guys arrived on time and cleared out almost all the mess within less than 3 hours. Here’s the unused bedroom before

And after

Don’t judge me for the cobweb on the treadmill – I couldn’t clean that room before!

Next week they’ll be back to take the treadmill, the shelves and the CDs for donation to Goodwill, at which point we’ll be left with pretty much only the things we plan to take home with us. Every cupboard is cleared. The basement is almost empty. The rickety old garden furniture that had seen better days is no more. It’s amazing how much lighter the house feels – it’s as though all that useless stuff was weighing us down.

Even if you’re not moving anywhere, I can’t recommend this process enough. To lug away an entire truck full of stuff cost us $600 (including carting everything down all those flights of stairs) and they donate and recycle anything that can be donated and/or recycled. I think this particular company only works in the Connecticut and New York area, but there’s probably something similar near you.

So, the junk is gone and after Thanksgiving, the decorating starts. Looks like we’re really doing this, huh?


8 thoughts on “Who You Gonna Call? Junk Luggers!

  1. I hope you will share a photograph of this space when it is decorated ready for sale. You are making progress. I need to find some Luggers on the West Coast although I did dump my treadmill a long time ago. Does anyone really use those things at home?

    I am stunned by your CD collection. WOW!

    • I think the only thing we all use the treadmills for is to hang up clothes. Phil’s raincoat was hanging on ours for the last two years. Now what will he do with it???

      CD collection is the result of two people spending 10+ years each in the music biz and getting a LOT of free CDs!

  2. Finally catching up your blog … the house is really coming along for sale! I used a company called “1-800-GOT-JUNK?” when we nearly moved this past spring. I had them come on 2 separate occasions to take things from the garage and paid around the same as you did. We have a 3rd bay in our garage where “stuff” accumulates, and after two babies there was quite a bit that needed to go.

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