“Why Does Every Day End in a Fight with an American?”

I finished watching the second series of Downton Abbey on Sunday and now I’m bereft. If you are in America and never saw this show, do yourself a favor and find series one. You can get the DVD from Netflix or watch a rerun from December 18th on PBS. Series two begins some time in January and you’ll need to be caught up!

Set in a castle during the early 1900s, it has everything – beautiful frocks, lovely photography, gorgeous settings, romance, scandal, drama, characters who love each other but can’t say, characters who hate each other and show it … and did I mention the frocks?

The ‘will they, won’t they, love, hate’ romance between Lady Mary and Matthew, heir to Downton Abbey, is Rhett and Scarlet all over again:

And Dame Maggie Smith as the Her Ladyship the Dowager Countess gets all the best scenes and doesn’t even have to try stealing them. (The post title came from this delightful scene when the Dowager Countess encounters a swivel chair for the first time).

But I think my favorite line of all came a few weeks ago, when a visitor in the drawing room used the word ‘bastard’ to describe an illegitimate child. “Steady on sir,” said his Lordship, as a horrified silence fell, “The ladies have had enough shocks for one day.”

For the Brits, here’s to the upcoming Christmas special. For the Americans, what are you waiting for? Go find season one!

One thought on ““Why Does Every Day End in a Fight with an American?”

  1. Louise, I loved season one and am eagerly awaiting season two. You’re so right about Maggie Smith–“doesn’t even have to try stealing [scenes]”–amazing! Love that “Steady on, sir” line; it’s sure to be *my* favorite as well!

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