There’s Good News and Bad

We had an estate agent round on Monday to look at the house and give us advice on preparing it for sale. There was lots of good news from her visit – principally that the things she suggested are not cost-prohibitive, and all could be done fairly easily (no new kitchen cabinets or bathroom makeovers). She also estimated a sale price that was quite a bit higher than we have been planning for, which means even if she’s wrong, we should still be OK with whatever we eventually get.

The bad news is that there are thousands of dollars in taxes I didn’t know about – both the town and the state take a chunk of any proceeds. It’s not terrible but I’d have preferred it not to be the case. The other piece of, I suppose, bad news although it’s not really a surprise, is that our house is what she called ‘special’ (aka a little bit weird) and therefore might take 9 months to sell.

This was the worst part of her visit actually, because when she said our house was special, I started laughing and said “that’s like when they call a child ‘special’ isn’t it?” and then immediately wished I could take it back.

So, we are now armed with the phone numbers for painters and window cleaners and junk removers and handymen, and the work begins. Wouldn’t it be nice to have servants?

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