We Have a Date!

22 years ago this weekend, we left England. So it seems fitting that yesterday we decided on our date to return.

All being well, fingers crossed, and if disaster doesn’t strike, we’ll be moving home for good on April 26th 2013. That’s 84 weeks from now. (Not that I’m counting).

22 years ago, we had the busiest weekend I think anyone could have. On the Friday we moved out of the house we owned in Hull:

On the Saturday, we got married:

And on the Monday morning, we flew to start our new lives in Canada:

(Yes that’s our plane!)

That was a lot of change for one weekend and this time I’d like to think the move will be less stressful, but as we’re older and have more stuff to sort out, that’s probably wishful thinking.

I do know this: I’m incredibly excited that we’re going to be embarking on this adventure. There was a time not too long ago when I thought it wouldn’t ever happen. Having never considered moving home, Phil wasn’t at all keen when I first mentioned it. I feel very lucky that he changed his mind because I know many people who are stuck in a place they don’t want to be simply because their spouse won’t move. I really thought that might be me – but things didn’t turn out that way and having a date to look forward to is just brilliant. I even allowed myself a little dance when we chose the date.

We have 84 weeks to get prepared so I’d better get started on those books that need sorting out for the library!


7 thoughts on “We Have a Date!

  1. I remember that weekend! And the flurry of the days before it. What a lovely happy picture. I don’t remember having seen that one before. Bring them all back with you!

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