Things That Cost as Much as our Healthcare Insurance: A House!

Yesterday we received notification of our healthcare insurance rates for next year. Normally, opening that envelope is like a punch in the teeth because the rate usually increases somewhere between 15% and 20%. So, we held our breath, ripped open the seal and then did a double take. Only 3% this year? How can that be?

Presumably it’s a direct result of the new healthcare reform laws. Along with the renewal notice came another notice informing us of all the changes that have taken effect because of healthcare reform – for example, the insurance company can no longer throw you off your plan at their discretion and there is no longer a lifetime cap on the amount of coverage you can receive. All good stuff.

Still, even with such a low increase, we still spend a ridiculous amount of money each month on something Brits take for granted. So what else could we be doing with that money?

Last time I wrote about healthcare, I posted about the holidays we could take using the money we spend every month on healthcare insurance. But perhaps we need to be more practical. Today I was looking at houses for rent (I spend WAY too much time on!) and decided to look around the UK at the houses available for rent at exactly the amount we pay every month. Here are a few of them…

First, my very favorite style of home – Georgian. There’s just something about the proportions of Georgian buildings that sends a tingle up my leg. Look at those beautiful windows! This one is in Glossop, right on the edge of the Peak District.

How nuts is it that healthcare savings could pay for that house??

Further south, this house is in Midford, a few miles from Bath. It’s not Georgian, but it does have a lovely cottage feel and I suppose I could make do 😉

Up to Scotland and, well lookee here … I found another Georgian house! This one is 10 miles outside Edinburgh.

And finally, Cumbria, closer to where we hope to end up. No we wouldn’t get the whole thing! This grand building has been turned into apartments and there’s one for rent at the moment.

Still, I’d much rather give the money to the insurance company. Wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “Things That Cost as Much as our Healthcare Insurance: A House!

  1. It is ridiculous Rachael, but hopefully you’d have at least some of the cost paid by your employer. I am excited too! The move can’t come soon enough for me 🙂

  2. Having lived abroad now in several different healthcare systems, I have to say that the only one that was worse than our system in the US (excellent care, but too expensive) was the one in former Communist Mongolia (really crap care but free). We had evacuation insurance there and even that was LESS expensive than everyday insurance in the US – Learjet with private medical staff to haul your broken/sick bum to a private hospital in Seoul or Hong Kong and all. Healthcare for pure profit is pure evil.

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