Swimming Through Treacle

Have you ever worked on a project that you just thought would never end? One that ground you down so that you were so sick of it you just wanted to go to bed and not get up until someone said ‘it’s done’?

That’s where I’m at now with our latest business project. We’re releasing some new products (e-books all about the job search process) and I’ve been working on them since late last year. First I had to write them – and it’s no small feat to write two 200-page books in 6 months while revising a third – then we had to develop a strategy for integrating them into our existing website, then oversee the design and development and copywriting of the sales pages, then work with a book designer to lay the books out properly and a proofreader to look for errors, and finally the stage we’re at now – working with the developers to bring the site to life and refining the book designs and content.

Honestly, if I have to read these things one more time, I will go nuts! I know Phil feels the same way.

The only thing keeping me going is the fact that these products are a key part of our relocation plan. If they sell (fingers crossed!) we’ll be able to put that money aside and use it to pay for the move home. And I am so ready for that move.

Wait, why am I writing this when there’s a Guide to LinkedIn waiting to be proofed? Oh sod it. It can wait until tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Swimming Through Treacle

  1. Cheers for your comment on my blog, I’m glad you liked my post! In true British form, however, it’s pissing down today. oh well, maybe it will cool things off a few degress. But I’ve come to appreciate the rain, as it brings green grass and flowers all year long!
    When are you planning to move back and to what area? I’m sure things have changed a lot since you’ve been away so it will be a new expat experience all over again, even though you are from here. Good luck with everything! 🙂

    “American AngloFUN”

  2. Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog! When are you guys planning to move back? I bet it will be different and an expat experience all over again, even though you’re from here! I look forward to future updates!


    • Hi Amanda,
      Nice to meet you! We’re planning to return in 2013, so quite a while yet. But I’m itching to get back! And I think you’re right – when we move back we’ll be foreigners in our own land.

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