My Dream House is for Sale!

There’s this one street in Kendal that’s really close to the town center, but very quiet. It’s on a small side road that doesn’t go anywhere so there’s no traffic and it faces the park and the river that runs through town. All the houses are elegant Georgian terraced houses, many of them designed by a famous Kendal architect, but most of them seem to have been turned into flats long ago.

Now two of the houses have come up for sale. It seems that they were owned by the council for public housing and – perhaps because of the government cuts – they’re being sold off. They need a lot of work inside, not only turning them back into regular homes, but also restoring them from what looks like years of neglect.

This one is my favorite.

Look at the garden!

And those beautiful tall windows and high ceilings:

So in addition to the £425,000 ($680,000) price tag, you’d probably also need to spend £200,000 on restoration, bringing the total to a cool one million dollars. But what fun it would be if you had the money to pay other people to do it for you. We could have the work done while we’re over here and then arrive back to a beautiful, albeit way too big! – home.

I’ve asked around and apparently I have no rich relatives likely to hand me money. It also seems unlikely at this late stage that I’m suddenly going to invent something wonderful that makes me lots and lots of money. So that leaves the lottery. The state lottery ads say “Hey, you never know,” but of course we do know. The chances of a lottery win are zip.

So finally I’ve decided to hope that a developer buys the house, turns it into two good sized flats and is ready to rent one of them out in 2013 when we get home. Hey, you never know!

3 thoughts on “My Dream House is for Sale!

  1. We actually looked around one of the properties in this row when it was on the market. It must have been about 8 or 9 years ago and was being run as a B&B at the time, and we were considering it as a family home. I forget exactly how much it was on for, but I would guess around £350k+ (maybe nearer £400k). We had a good look around but basically came away feeling that it needed at least the same kind of money spent on it again. And, with that in mind, it didn’t strike me as very good value, given what else was out there.

    They are lovely buildings, though.

  2. I agree with you about the value – they seem to be asking way too much given how much similar homes sell for. There was a 6-bed home in this street last year that was finished to perfection and was on the market for £500K.

  3. With period properties like this I would want to make sure that the deeds were studied by a conveyancing specialist, sometimes there can be caveats that prevent alteration of ornate features or even material types.

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