This is Why We Don’t Fit In

Click the image to read the stickers. I can’t even begin to understand people like this. Of course, there are people I don’t get in England too, but I grew up with that kind of weird so it seems more manageable somehow. And of course I know that everyone in America isn’t this way – especially where we live – but still … there are enough of them to maybe elect Michelle Bachman as our next President. Yikes.

Photo courtesy of Mistermix at Balloon Juice

12 thoughts on “This is Why We Don’t Fit In

  1. That photographer must have been visiting my town. I continue to be preplexed by the Dixie Chicks’ careers being destroyed Fox News by for making a slightly critical comment about President Bush and yet the same Fox people have called President Obama every disgusting thing possible without any consequences to them. I’m for free speech and all but enough is enough. Can we borrow some people from England to deal with them?

    • Murdoch does appear to have problems in the UK at the moment, he’s had to close the News Of The World down today due to the phone hacking scandal. The story was always about celebs having email and phones hacked and politicians but recently it became clear they had also been hacking the phones of murder victims (child murder victims) and their parents. His son runs the paper, sadly of course this means that the everyday staff who I am sure are honest and hard working have lost their jobs! Unless of course he launches a new paper called The Sun On Sunday which the BBC seem sure he will.
      Bottom line is we have our bad seeds as well in the UK, the Police and the Government insist that closing the paper won’t stop them bringing the guilty to court but I guess we’ll see

      • It’s amazing to me that Cameron is still pushing ahead with the deal with News International. Surely he’s going to have to back down now?

    • My only consolation is that even if the worst happens, I’ll be on a plane out of here a few months later. Sadly, I don’t think it’s possible to get far enough away from the damage she might inflict.

  2. I hate seeing stuff like this! Being from Texas, I got a fair amount of exposure to it before moving to the UK. It’s sad to me that so many people believe the crap that is out there. But! As always, it’s the biggest idiots that get the most attention….

    • It’s true Meg. I haven’t seen anything like this near me so I shouldn’t let it get to me. I know most Americans are not like this – it’s just when weirdness is so alien because of where you grew up, you don’t know how to process it. I’m with Neil – there are tons of idiots in the UK too – they just are idiotic in a way I’m used to.

      The lager louts, for example, must seem very alien to you and I am not looking forward to getting reacquainted with them!

  3. I think the mindset for that particular breed of human is that he who has the largest number of obnoxious bumper stickers wins. Fortunately they are still in the minority.

    I’m curious to know if there was a rifle rack mounted in the rear window…saw a ton of those when I visited Texas during the Bush era.

  4. I think it’s now becoming a personal embarrasment to Cameron as well as to the Government, after all he hired the former NOTW editor Andy Coulson long before all this broke and now Coulson has been arrested! The analysts over here say it’s a nightmare for them mainly because of the BSkyB decision still to be made. Question Time yesterday was really good if you can find it and watch it Louise. Shirley Williams, Hugh Grant (yes, that Hugh Grant) among others

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