My brother Neil has posted some of his photos of Cumbria and many of them were taken at Derwentwater, one of the many lakes in the Lake District, and so far, my favorite. There’s something about the atmosphere of this lake that just captured my heart. I’ve never been there on a nice day, only when it’s cold and grey. But I wonder if it doesn’t look nicer on those kinds of days … there’s something about the way the clouds hang over the top of the mountains that just feels mystical. I think that, in future years, this will be a spot I’ll visit over and over again.

These are my favorites of Neil’s photos:

And here’s a photo Phil took last year that now hangs on our bathroom wall:

Since I can’t go have a walk there whenever I get stressed out, I look for videos on Youtube instead and I think this very short clip captures some of the atmosphere:

5 thoughts on “Derwentwater

  1. Hi, hope you like the Cumbria photos, the second one though is one of mine, I took it the same week when you were visiting. I don’t think it could have come out any better. The others are all there as well. I got a pingback on my blog, how do you do those?

    • Ah I was reading the comments on the photos the wrong way round, I see now you meant Phil took the one of the boats, a great photo. I got a ping back on my blog do you know how they work? I’ve had a few people with blogs ask as they don’t seem to appear sometimes.

  2. What calming and lovely scenery. I am hiding inside from 107 degree weather – I felt the cooling effect. The birds are fun to listen to.

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