A Morning Walk

Having finally realized that the only time I can bear to be outside is early morning, I dragged myself out of bed early on Sunday and went for a walk before the heat kicked in.

I started in my own garden. I just love the way the early morning sun is catching this hosta:

By the way, word to the wise, don’t plant something called an ‘elephant hosta’ in a small space with really good soil or you’ll come to learn how it got its name.

From there I headed into the village, passing these allotments. This is the grounds of a large retirement apartment complex, and some of the residents have their own flower beds which they tend lovingly. It makes such a great show all summer:

This is the way you’d head into New York City if you wanted noise and bustle and insanity instead of a quiet walk:

As I get to the bridge over the river, I pass this lovely, impromptu garden created by a resident. This bed used to be weeds and grass but just look at it now.

Just under that bridge, I found these guys:


Back up onto the road and into the village. The owner had just finished putting these out as I passed.

Now into the little park:

How is it that the minute you step off the road and get near water, you instantly feel better? Yes, there was the buzzing of some kind of construction machinery just behind where I was standing, but you’d never know looking at this picture and somehow water and trees just lift my soul — especially in this light.

Caught this little guy on his way for a swim:

Heading back out on to the street, this person appears to have had a more strenuous morning than mine:

And finally home and a cup of tea:

9 thoughts on “A Morning Walk

  1. What stunningly beautiful scenery. If it were not for the humidity, I’d love to live in a place like that. I can take heat (it is suppossed to be 107 here on July 4th) but I cannot take humidity at any degree.

    Thank you for the lovely trip this morning.

    • Yes the humidity is really bad sometimes. Actually that was one of the few sunny days we’ve had so far this summer. It’s mostly been grey and warm with thunder storms.

  2. You’ve brought back such memories for me! I lived within walking distance of the Bronx River years ago and always took long walks along the meandering paths…it’s so lovely to recall that peaceful time.

    • Isn’t that interesting? It does have more of a British feel here than most places in the US except maybe New England.

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