Wake Me Up in September

I will never learn.

This morning when I saw the sun shining, I thought ‘today would be a nice day for a stroll to the farmer’s market.’ We have this small market here every Saturday and Sunday in the summer and they usually have nice fresh veggies and a few fruits. Having convinced Phil that a walk to the market would be more fun than laying in bed reading, which is what we had been doing, off we went.

I knew it was a mistake the minute we stepped outside. The weather channel website says it’s 78 degrees but it’s either lying or incompetent. By the time we got to the end of our street, I was sticky and grumpy and ready to leave again. But we struggled valiantly on.

At least the stalls offer a little bit of shade.

I am just not cut out for this weather and no amount of experience seems to change that. We dragged our strawberries and fresh bread back up the hill to our air-conditioned house and I threw myself into the shower. Oh blessed relief!

I’ll see everybody in September.

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