I Hate Writing, I Love Having Written

The title of this post is a Dorothy Parker quote and never was a truer word spoken. Since November, I’ve been working on two e-books that will be for sale via our business website. We already sell one, but we’re relaunching that one along with these two, and redoing our website to accommodate them. I seriously didn’t think they would ever be done but finally, 90,000 words later, TA-DA!!

All three books are with a proofreader now, then off they will go to our book designer who’s going to make them look spiffy. Meantime, we have web programmers working away on redesigning the website. This is all part of our masterplan to get home as the sales will help our savings but a few months ago I thought we’d never be done.

Seems like it might be time for me to take a day off the celebrate … if only I didn’t have tons and tons of other work to do. Maybe I’ll take 5 minutes to sit in the garden with a cup of tea later and call that my celebration?

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