Dickens Exhibition in London

This exhibit to celebrate Dickens’ 200th anniversary sounds fantastic.

Sound and light effects, projections and 3D photographs will recreate the atmosphere of Victorian London, taking you on a haunting journey to discover the places and subjects which inspired his writings.

Art, costume, original manuscripts and artefacts, will explore Dickens’ imagination, including the author’s writing desk and chair which will be brought to life through an innovative audio-visual experience, based on the famous paintings of Dickens’ dream.

During your visit you’ll discover how Dickens’ childhood experiences of London, working in a blacking factory while his father was locked away in a debtor’s prison, were woven into the stories he wrote. The great social questions of the 19th century, including wealth and poverty, prostitution, childhood mortality and philanthropy, will also be examined, all of which set the scene for Dickens’ greatest works.

And all for £8!

I rarely went to London when I lived in England. I have no idea why. But when we get back, I’d love to take trips to see things like this. The direct train from Kendal takes just under 3 hours, so we could arrive mid-morning on a Saturday, see the exhibit, stay overnight in the city, do a bit of sightseeing, and then come back on Sunday. I don’t know if it’s Phil’s cup of tea – doesn’t seem much point in asking him when it won’t still be on in 2013 😉 – but if not, there’s nothing to stop me going alone. Or asking mum if she wants to go with me. Mum?

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