“Sh** We Have to Do”

That’s what we call the huge mountain of things we have to sort out in order to make this move. There’s getting the house ready for sale, there’s finding out how much it will cost to ship things back and how long it will take, there’s getting the cats ready for the move with their shots and blood tests, there’s finding a place to live when we get back, there’s figuring out how to keep our business going while we make the move, and there’s learning new tax laws and accounting systems. And every one of those things can be broken down into about 50 component parts. If you think about it too much it can make your head hurt.

But we’re working our way through the list slowly but surely. Yesterday we had a call with two consultants at a company called Fitzgerald Law who specialize in US/UK tax and business consulting.If you’re reading this and need help with ex-pat tax issues, look no further. These people were fantastically helpful and also really nice.

They put my mind at rest about structuring our business, registering the name, paying US freelancers from the UK and tons of other issues. I had woken up in a cold sweat several times thinking maybe there’s some law against some aspect of what we want to do … but no. Apparently we can pretty much do whatever we want. And the best part about the call was that we now have a resource for help with any legal or financial issues we run into regarding running an international business. Plus they were just really nice people and we even had a good laugh with them. You forget when you’ve been away from England that having a laugh is a part of every conversation, with anyone, on almost any subject. I’m looking forward to getting that back.

So, one more thing crossed off the “sh** we have to do” list.

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