Don’t You Want Me, Baby?

Yesterday, we took the last boxes of VHS video tapes to the recycling center in Yonkers. All told, I think we must have moved 50 or 60 boxes. Back in the early days of video taping, Phil taped everything he loved on TV and he already had a huge collection when I met him. Then once we moved abroad, everyone sent us British TV shows on tape so the collection grew and grew.

We got rid of our VHS player years ago. We don’t even use the DVD player now except for the flash pen that contains the latest shows Phil’s downloaded for us.

While we gave the DVDs to the charity shop, there was no point in doing the same with the tapes – most of them are British format anyway and who would want a bunch of tapes of English shows from the 80s, mostly not labeled?

What made it worse was that they were all stored on the very top floor in a bedroom we don’t use. Our house is 3 stories, but you also have to go down a fourth flight of stairs to get to the basement and hence to the car. So it’s been a long process of ferrying boxes down one by one and for months we’ve had a little collections of boxes, resting on their journey, in various parts of the house. But now it’s DONE and they are all gone!

Here are the last boxes loaded into the car:

And here they are in the skip:

They call this a recycling center, and when you go there they check what you’re dumping and tell you where it goes, but I have no idea whether tapes actually can be recycled. I hope so because if not there are billions of useless tapes around the world that will one day end up in landfills.

When we got back, I asked Phil if he could remember the first show he ever taped. Being Phil, he could. He said it was Top of the Pops and the number one that week was ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by the Human League. I don’t know if this is the exact show, but here’s the song from 1981:

Love those outfits!

7 thoughts on “Don’t You Want Me, Baby?

  1. As someone who hates to throw out anything because, you know, I might need/use it someday, it pains me to see those tapes in the trash. Did it bother Phil?

  2. He says not. In the course of sorting them out, he found the only ones he will ever need, which were old home movies he shot. He’ll get those converted to digital so he can watch them again.

    The rest is all stuff he can find in 5 minutes on Youtube and he can’t watch them because we don’t have a player, and never will again, so even he was OK about letting them go. The entire room of CDs may be a different ball of wax though!

  3. Progress!!! Have you converted the CD’s to your iPods? Or are some DVD’s?

    Do you feel any sense of relief by being unburdened with stuff?

  4. Hey Jeanie, thanks for commenting. We converted all the CDs to digital years ago. We have a huge collection because we both got them free for many years, but we eventually worked our way through them. And Phil has them backed up several times in case anything happens to the hard drive. So they’re just taking up space now. We don’t even have a CD player anymore.

    I really do feel a sense of relief. Those boxes have been bugging me for years because, even though we don’t use the room, I just knew they were in there, needing to be dealt with at some point. I really think I’m going to be much more careful about acquiring stuff in the future. It’s just a big burden.

  5. I love that song. It’s terrible to think of all the stuff that ends up in landfill, really. Today’s treasures, tomorrow’s rubbish.

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