The First Step of a Long Journey

Today the workmen arrived to start fixing the path and steps leading up to the house. We know curb appeal is important when it comes to selling a house and our broken steps mean our house doesn’t have any! (Mind you, I fell in love with it when it was painted dark gray and the paint was peeling and the whole garden was overgrown with ivy and tangled weeds, but I guess we can’t bank on someone else as dim as me to come along again).

So the guys arrived today and spent all day chipping away old stone and concrete and then laying new concrete over the top. It’s not finished yet but it’s just nice to see progress.

Next they’ll get to work on the path. It seems fitting that the first step we take on our path home is to have a path repaired.

Meantime, inside we continue to clear out. These boxes of magazines and old videos are on their way to the recycling center.

We’ve been there so much this last few months that they stop and chat to us now. Many many more trips to go though until we’ve cleared everything out. It’s funny, we’ve let so much of our stuff go and there isn’t one thing I have missed so far. I really hope we don’t fall into the trap of accumulating stuff again once we get back.


One thought on “The First Step of a Long Journey

  1. There are the greatest charity shops here, and if you can go from one to the other with your list and seek out the items you need, then later on the ones you want, you will save a bundle. I have done that for 5 months, and now I hear my inner voice saying ‘stop!, there is nothing else you need!’. And it is right – except for the fact that I am in need of a comfortable chair, and I don’t want an upholstered one as I don’t know where it has lived before getting to the charity shop. So though you have your spread sheet and your lists, if you can write in an element of flexibility, you may find it easier once you get home.

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