Settling on Plans

We’ve done a lot of talking the last few days and a lot of number-crunching and it seems like a plan is coming together. It’s all dependent on the business going well for the next 12 months, but provided that happens, we may look to come home in January 2013, 20 months from now. Now, if sales don’t go as well as we hope, we will have to revise those plans. We’ll know by this time next year.

But at least on paper, we have a plan. I really can’t quite believe it. I have no idea how it is going to get done, and there seem to be so many obstacles, and occasionally I get really gripped by panic. (OMG! What are we doing?!) But I have never been more sure about a decision.

So now we have 12 months or so to clear out this house and get it ready for sale. We’ve already made good headway and today we took another few boxes of books to the library. P. also sorted through some more boxes of old VHS videos. Bit by bit we’re shedding the weight of all this stuff.

One thought on “Settling on Plans

  1. It’s good that you’ve recorded here your certainty: “I’ve never been more sure about a decision”. You will be able to refer back to it when you go through times of anxiety or doubt.

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