A Decision Is Made

It’s really happening! We are really going home to England!

We’ve been talking on and off for a while and P. has been more and more positive and now today he told me that he does want to go home and that he doesn’t want to hold out for 5 years as he had originally suggested.

We both agree that we can’t do it next year. The move will be expensive and we have a lot of preparation to do. But we think we can do it in 2013 (provided the Republicans in congress don’t refuse to raise the debt limit, in which case everything is off the table because the economy will crater and our house will be worth nothing). We’re certainly going to try for that anyway. So the plan would be to get work done next year on the house, put it up for sale in the summer or Fall of 2012, and plan to move in early 2013. If finances don’t allow it then, or we’re not ready, we’ll wait a bit longer. But basically, the decision is made and we’re on our way back. EEEE! I’m so excited 🙂

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